Track Info

Charlton Track Circumference: 960.00 metres
Length of Home Straight: 200.00 metres
Radius of Turns: 82 metres
Track surface: Bluestone Dust
Racing Distances: Mobile: 1609m, 2100m, 2570m, 3060m
Stand: 1609m, 2100m, 2570m, 3060m
Direction: Anti-Clockwise
Fields: Mobile – 12
Stand – 12
Front Line: Mobile – 7
Stand – 7
Sprint Lane: Yes

Track Records


DistanceHorseDateMile Rate
1609m MSOURCROWNINN29 May 20131:55.1
2100m MSEASTON ALL ACTION NZ02 Jan 20141:56.6
2570m MSABBETTORPUNT26 Feb 20121:59.8
2570m MSUNCLE WINGNUT NZ03 Mar 20131:59.8
2100m SSRESTREPO20 Jan 20131:56.9
2570m SSKEAYANG HANOVER28 Jul 20082:00.2


DistanceHorseDateMile Rate
2100m MSDUCHESS PAT NZ20 Jun 20112:02.8
2100m MSMIA MOSCA29 Sep 20142:02.8
2100m SSMAORIS POCKET15 Oct 20122:02.4
2570m SSGENTLE IMAGE01 Feb 20092:03.3
2570m SSMOTU YOUNG JACOB NZ03 Mar 20132:03.3