Charlton Member’s Punting Club


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Charlton Member’s Punting Club

One of the aims of the Charlton Racing Club is to fully engage its valued members and to create a greater participation and interest in the sport of harness racing. It was decided to begin a punting club as a way to do this as many members cannot be in attendance at race meetings. We especially hope that interstate and ex pat Charltonians enjoy being part of racedays through this initiative. So follow the tips and results here, and we do anticipate that one day soon SOMEONE will fill the coffers and we can duly celebrate!!

You will be contacted by Club Secretary Gary Cooper when you are drawn.

We hope all members enjoy their turn when it comes around.

The story so far for season 19/20…..we live in hope.

30th September Maryborough – Punter Shane Noonan      RETURN $0

28th October Melton Punter